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Gucci: Fashion Marketing Strategies By [Insert your name] Presented to [Insert your professor’s name] [Course Title] [Insert Your Institution’s name] Table of Contents 1. The House of Gucci Besides being one amongst the world’s most valued fashion brands, the House of Gucci is a conglomerate which product lines include leather goods, shoes, fashion accessories, jewelry, ready-to-wear, ties and scarves, eye wear and fragrances.


The company steadily grew with Aldo and Rodolfo Gucci (Guccio’s sons) in the United States with the same product line. Gucci is uniquely positioned as an elegant, stylish, modern yet trendy brand in the niche high-end market. Gucci’s biggest competitors are Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada and Hermes (Forden, 2000). Amongst the competition, Louis Vuitton holds the highest value in the fashion world which is followed by Hermes and then Gucci with a brand value of approximately $ 7.5 billion. Gucci shows a rising trend in its brand value from the past five years which can be accounted to the fact that the Asian markets are growing and prove to be a lucrative opportunity for luxury fashion brands (, 2012; Chadha, 2006). With this brand value, Gucci stands at 420th in the top 500 global brand ranking (, 2012) 2. Customer Profile Gucci targets the niche market of individuals who belong to the upper class with high incomes. To set itself apart from the competition, the brand of Gucci is positioned for those individuals who prefer a mixture of heritage, modernity, trendy, creativity and sophistication (, 2012). The House of Gucci’s customers are from all over the world. ...
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