International Marketing (Airbus and Boeing)

International Marketing (Airbus and Boeing) Essay example
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Name Professor Course Date Abstract The airline manufacturing business comprises of two massive firms, Airbus and Boeing. These two companies utilize different strategies in the marketing of their products as well as advancement of their products. This process will influence the market control of these companies in the future.


The Boeing organization is an American, worldwide aerospace and defence conglomerate established in 1916. Airbus is also a world’s top aircraft manufacturer. It constantly captures around half or more of all orders for all airliners. It began its operations in 1970 by a conglomerate of France’s Aerospatiale, Germany’s Deutsch and Spain’s CASA. The principal business is to invent and manufacture civil transports. Initially, the company built its original twin-engine wide body airliner-the A300. Nonetheless, at this period, Boeing enjoyed a massive market with market control of numerous airplane products. Consequently, in the infancy period, A300 was not a significant success for Airbus. However, in 1981, the initiation of the A320 made Airbus company a significant manufacturer in the civil aviation industry. This model was an enormous success since it espoused a computerized structure of flight controls. Grounding its technological headship, Airbus utilized the family conception to gratify different airline client’s needs. Airbus initial scheme aimed at extending its marketing and sales to the diminutive airline in Asia and the Middle East. The escalating sales made Airbus Company gain international acknowledgement. Consequently, in 1978 it effectively ventured into the American Market. ...
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