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Marketing Plan Name Course Section Number Date Introduction This report is a marketing plan for Cafe Gam Sung. Cafe Gam Sung will be a newly opened coffee shop at Sunnyside, NY. Though it has the word ‘coffee’ in its name, it will also serve tea of various kinds.


The customers get an overall experience of having coffee along with shopping. Therefore, customers can either have coffee when sitting on a couch or while selecting the merchandizes from the shop. This marketing plan will first make a situational analysis for the cafe. In the situational analysis, the overall picture in terms of trends, statistics, size, growth and competition will be discussed. Also, a SWOT analysis will be performed for identifying the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of the current industry. The report will also give an insight into the current competitors in the industry. A comprehensive explanation of the target market and product positioning will be discussed. Based on all these analyses, a marketing plan will be charted out for the cafe. Situational Analysis Cafe Gam Sung will be located in the Sunnyside neighborhood in New York City. Sunnyside is located in the western part of New York City. Sunnyside’s total population is 29,506 people. Though majority of the population are Americans, a larger portion is also constituted of people from almost 30 countries. Therefore, Sunnyside is a place with very diverse cultural characteristics. The median income of the region is $37,962. The majority of the population in the area are of the age group of 25 – 39 years; they constitute up to 32% of the Sunnyside population. The next bigger group is 40 – 64 years old people forming around 30%. ...
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