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Northeast Utilities Name Professors Name Course Date Northeast Utilities Northeast Utilities Industries This company was formed in 1966 following the successful business merger that occurred between Connecticut Light and Power Company (CL&P), the Hartford Electric Light Company, and the Western Massachusetts Electric Company (WMECO) (Mc'leold, 2001).


This informs that five companies that were once independent constitute the Utility. In 2010, Northeast Utility further eluded their intention to merger with NSTAR but maintaining the title as Northeast Utility and this is still a subject of approval. It is worth noting that the company is listed in the Fortune 500 with the headquarters at Berlin, Connecticut. The company also runs several subsidiaries in the business of retailing electricity and natural gas. The company’s customer base in New England is about 2.1 million and this qualifies it to be one of the largest public utilities in New England (Hoover, 2012). In this regard, the company has electric transmission lines covering 3,140 miles with about 32, 802 distribution pole miles. Their natural gas distribution also covers an area of about 5,000 km2 (Murray, 2012). This utility serves the area of Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Western Massachusetts. With the figures shown relating to the company, it is evident that the company occupies a niche in the market and controls a significant share of the market. ...
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