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about Servicing the Sale and Building the Partnership

Body Glove’s success could be traced to a belief in significant brand management, investment in a first class customer service center, and innovations in marketing and sales strategies that enhance sales and distribution. In addition, the philosophy of the company remains mapped on a belief that quality could never be sacrificed. The company officers have made a decision to develop partnerships with a group of distributors who would employ salespeople to call on retailers trading in Body Glove products. In order to ensure that retail customers and retailers receive excellent service, the company would undertake some steps to achieve this objective. The company officers would select on distributors whose strategies would have an immediate effect on all elements of the marketing mix. Thus, steps to be considered would involve an analysis of the products, environment, customers, competitors, company, salespersons, and the desired level by the target market characteristics. In so doing, the company would evaluate alternatives for both distributors and salespersons against adaptive, control and economic factors (Vashisht 184-189). Body Glove salespersons may add value to the company through either full line or cross selling. ...
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The Course Date Servicing the Sale and Building the Partnership For sixty years now, Body Glove International continues to manufacture quality line of water sports wetsuits and other related products. Some of the wetsuits and products include bikinis, aquatics, and footwear…
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