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Name: Institution: Professor: Date: Meditech Surgical case study (pp. 18-25) 1. The main problems faced by Meditech Surgical Meditech Surgical has been dealing increasing customer dissatisfaction since its consumer demands are not being attended to at the stipulated time.


As a result, major chaos has been created as product orders were delayed for more than four months. A customer may understand if their orders are delayed by few weeks, but if this delay becomes repetitive, then the situation becomes unexplainable. From all indications, it is clear that Meditech used cost-effective supply chain instead of using a responsive supply chain as it would have more useful when it comes to high innovative products considerations. The supply chain used by the company was customer service oriented and hence the delay. The company has also been facing problems in poor service quality due to strain in its production capacity. The strain in its production capacity made the company experience constant shortage in the introduction of new improved products. It also had problems with high finished goods inventory. It is important for the company to plan on the introduction of a new cycle through the three phases of manufacturing and this should be done two months before the products is marketed to avoid any shortages in the market (Leeman, 150). 2. Identification of six causes of the problems faced by Meditech Surgical a. The introduction of new products in Meditech Surgical were totally unplanned for and was done without properly strategizing on it supply chain and production schedules. ...
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