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Name Tutor Task Date “Marketing” Executive summary Fiji Water Company is one of the key manufacturers of bottled water. It has created a considerable market niche. There are current numerous Strategy issues that bottled water company Fiji water is experiencing.


Some of these issues include, waste and pollution. This survey indicates that, Fiji’s competitors in this filed, face similar environmental issues (Gary and Philip, 123). The study reveals the change of operation adopted by these firms such that, they could suit the consumers who favor environmental sustainable products. For instance, the firms have actively embraced packaging and shipping methods, which have proved to be ecologically friendly to the environment and suits the consumer’s choice of environmental sustainable products (Gary and Philip, 134). Furthermore, the consumers have begun raising eyebrows on the type and quality of bottled water companies’ produce, due to the continued urge of consumers to obtain healthier life styles diets. This study reveals that, all these factor or issues have affected Fiji Company. Additionally, negative press has adversely affected Fiji’s socio-economic conditions, which have made it hard for attaining a competitive market niche both locally and internationally. For instance, this survey indicates that, Fiji was compelled to lay off approximately 40% of the staffing resources (Gary and Philip, 136). This implies that, the existing limited resources at Fiji’s disposal, a going forward action plan should be embraced. It should be cost effective and extremely efficient. ...
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