marketing plan ( market the city of toronto)

marketing plan ( market the city of toronto) Assignment example
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In the world of city marketing has become a truly integral part to such an extent that if a city does not develop an effective marketing strategy then chances may be high the business will not be a success. At the same time, it is also worth noting that, in the present business world, all enterprises aim at having a global outreach.


This has the effect of improving on their revenue base. At the same time, companies want to gain global recognition. In essence, this is something, which is rather beneficial when it comes to business (Crouch, 2011). Various cities use different approaches in the course of their marketing. It is imperative to note that the method, which is to be used, is largely dependent on the expansive market. The financial outlay is something, which will influence the methods of advertising and marketing. The first thing, which is rather noteworthy, is to gain an understanding of these international markets. Thorough analysis has to be undertaken before the firm can even think of venturing into these markets. A feasibility study regarding the success of the business has to be done. This is particularly pertinent, as it will serve to point out whether the business will stand a chance of success in the new market. This is as opposed to going blindly into these markets without prior knowledge (Pepall et al. 2005). The city, which is in perspective, in this case is Toronto. Toronto is a city, which is considered to be rather tech-savvy. At the same time, it is also considered as one of the best cities in North America when it comes to jobs that are related to Information technology. ...
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