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Assignment example - Analysis of Small Business

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High school
Pages 16 (4016 words)
Table of Content
Introduction 5
Literature review 6
Research methodology 9
Company Profile 11
Company Analysis 12
Political 14
Economical 15
Social-cultural 15
Technological 15
Environmental 16
Legal 16
Competitor analysis 16
a) Direct competitor: 17

Extract of sample

a) Indirect competitor: 17
b) Future competitor: 18
Recommendations 19
i. Systematisation: 20
ii. Web presence: 20
iii. Customers: 20
iv. Plan: 21
Conclusion 21
Reference 23
Bibliography 27
Small business enterprises play an important part in the economy if a country. Small businesses constitute the maximum business establishments in any country where the number of employees is less than 500. In developed countries the major portion of the business is occupied by the small business entities, whereas in developing economies it is seen as an opportunity to eliminate unemployment and poverty (Unido, 2004, p. 17).
A small business enterprise is defined as an independent business entity. The small business entity is found not to be dominating the operations in its own field. A small business is different from the large business in context to its functionality and way of approaching the business market. The main objective of this research is to provide an insight about the small business. An analysis based on the strength and weakness of the small business enterprise will be part of the research. Moreover, the contribution and affect of the small business enterprises to the economy of a country will be analysed.

Literature review
Literature review plays an important part in any research based on a particular topic. The main focus of this research is to analyse the small business enterprises and their role in shaping the economy of a country. ...
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