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examine the nature of the distinctive managerial, organisational and developmental characteristics of small businesses vis-a-vis - Essay Example

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examine the nature of the distinctive managerial, organisational and developmental characteristics of small businesses vis-a-vis

Coaching is more task-oriented whereas mentoring is driven by knowledge sharing meant in a spiritual context with the purpose of developing the personality of a learner. The understanding developed through the work of Garvey et al. (2008) is further strengthened through literary explanation provided by Robert Thurman, Meredith Belbin and Rosemary Ryan. Where Garvey et al. (2008) describes how the definitions of these two terms have evolved over centuries, other three authors explain their relevance to present life. According to Garvey et al. (2008), self-realization is a foundation of coaching and mentoring. The follower has to understand his/ her inner self and then interpret the meaning of knowledge provided to them. Furthermore, they believe that coaching and mentoring are rooted in our cultural norms and values. Like Bruner stated in Garvey et al. (2008), folk wisdom is distributed through interpretations of historical events that later on form our culture; this understanding of cultural norms is further strengthen through dialogues (p.11). In order to elaborate the historical background of coaching and mentoring, frequent references to the work of Plato, Homer, Socrates and Aristotle are given in Garvey et al. (2008). It is stated that frequent questioning and critical debates lead to emergences of true knowledge. ...
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Coaching & Mentoring Classic & Contemporary Analysis [Pick the date] Coaching and mentoring are considered as two similar terms indicating an act of leading and sharing knowledge. Where these two terms emerged in 18th century, they have their roots in the work of classic scholars such as Aristotle and Plato…
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