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Research Paper example - Are you a regular smoker? Within the context of your own experiences, discuss why anti-smoking campaigns have been largely ineff

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Research Paper
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Reasons Why Anti-Smoking Campaigns Have Been Largely Ineffectual In Curbing Teen Smoking Introduction Smoking is a common practice amongst teens. This is irrespective of the great opposition towards teen smoking, which has led to adoption of different strategies aimed at discontinuing teen smoking…

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However, these strategies remain ineffective since teenagers continue to smoke irrespective of the numerous antismoking campaigns. Additionally, teenagers continue to be influenced to start smoking through marketing strategies used by tobacco industry. There are several reasons why antismoking advertisements remain ineffective in curbing teen smoking. This paper focuses on these reasons. The paper will entail use of introspection, data collection, and analysis and make recommendations on how the advertisements could be improved. Overview of the Topic Although, I am not a smoker, I have several young friends who started smoking at very young stages. Additionally, I have always had great concern on why anti-smoking campaigns have not eliminated teen smoking. Most young people engage in smoking at a very tender age. Some end up becoming addicted, which makes them vulnerable to the numerous smoking related diseases. To prevent addiction and such ailments, there have been several campaigns and funds set aside to curb smoking among the teenagers. This is because this is the stage at which quitting would be easier since continuous smoking leads to addiction making it hard for smokers to quit. From as early as in the 1960’s, several antismoking advertisements were adopted. ...
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