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Evaluation of Entrepreneurship Activity Name: Course: College: Tutor: Date: Introduction Entrepreneurs play a very critical role in the economy. As such, there are certain skills and competencies that they require in order to perform their tasks efficiently.


Through this behavior, as an entrepreneur, I act on impulse whenever I spot an opportunity and do not wait to be compelled to do something. Though risky, through such an approach, I am always a head of the pack as I do not sit back and watch others try new ideas. The other trait I have which is closely related to taking the initiative is that I am a risk taker. I always act on opportunities whenever I see one. Through this mindset, I am in a constant research for new business areas to exploit in my everyday life. I also have concern for any task that is allocated to me and therefore, I admire high quality work as I tend to be a perfectionist. This is because, as an individual, I pay close attention to details and attempt the best way I can to meet standards and observe norms. I am committed to any task I set my mind to accomplish, and will always go an extra mile to ensure that I have achieved my goals ad objective. I will also go out of my way to ensure that targets are met and this way, I believe I am a competent entrepreneur. I am a well-organized individual and always plan ahead of time. For example, before undertaking a venture, I always come up with a systematic plan that involves breaking down of the whole entrepreneurship activity into parts. The parts usually involve production, marketing, and financial requirements. ...
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