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(Author’s name) (Institutional Affiliation) Introduction Service encounter is portrayed as a triangle fashioned by the interrelating interests amid the customer, contact personnel and service organization. Each partaker within the service encounter tries to exercise control upon the trans­action, resulting to the requisite for tract ability and the enablement of contact staffs.


This interface, which outlines the service quality within the customer’s mind, is referred to as "moment of truth”. The regularly transitory encounter is an outlook instant in time where the client is appraising the service as well as forming an opinion about its quality. For in instance, in the case concerning the 6 University students who went for lunch in the Burger King restaurant, the students had a hard time finding a table and they became restless and anxious. The first impression they made of the restaurant was that it is a busy one. In addition, the contact personnel were not prompt in recognizing that there were customers who had not been attended to. This reveals that the service delivery is poor at Burger King Restaurant (Berry 2001). To regulate service delivery, supervisors tend to enforce procedures and rules on the staff to restrict their discretion and autonomy when to cus­tomers. These similar procedures and rules also are envisioned to restrict the magnitude of service delivered for the client and the subsequent absence of customization, which might bring about a dissatisfied consumer. ...
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