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Topic: Marketing Plan By Insert Your Name Presented to Instructor’s Name, Course Institution Name, Location Date Due Table of Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 INTRODUCTION 4 The Past 4 Present 5 Future 5 SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS 6 Political Situation 6 Economic Situation 7 Socio-Cultural Situation 7 Technological Situation 7 Competition situation 7 Environmental Situation 8 Sales Situation 8 SWOT ANALYSIS 8 Strengths 8 Opportunities 9 Weaknesses 9 Threats 9 MARKETING OBJECTIVES 10 Target market 10 Positioning 11 MARKETING MIX STRATEGY 11 Product 11 Price 11 Promotion 12 Place 12 MARKETING RESEARCH 13 IMPLEMENTATION 13 CONTROL 13 RECOMMENDATION 13 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This marketing plan gives a descri


The company background is provided describing how it has emerged to being a multinational company and its consideration in expanding into New Zealand markets. The New Zealand market situational analysis is provided describing the various industry aspects and the country in general. The significance of the situational analysis is to determine the viability of the market if it is worth to invest in it. This marketing plan also comprises of the company analysis which examines the various aspects of the company mainly the internal environment and determines the capability of the company to enter the underlying market, this entails the SWOT analysis. The provided market and company analysis provides the basis on how the company will carry out its marketing activities focusing on the set marketing objectives. ...
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