Coca-Cola Environmental practices.

Coca-Cola Environmental practices.  Essay example
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One organization that can be determined to market both domestically and globally is the Coca-Cola Company. With several products of soda and beverages on the market and a United States based company, the business operates mostly domestically by sponsoring corporate events.


It is all a means of advertisement and promotion but has been popular for several decades. It has become a leader among branding and includes the bottling of more than just Coca-Cola but also soft drinks and Vitaminwaters so to appeal to not only those whom drink soda, but also for those who wish to drink decaffeinated beverages and other non-carbonated drinks.
Some of the environmental practices that could greatly impact the Coca-Cola company is that some people simply live in third world countries and may not have access to their products. This company does not necessarily target them as a priority audience but does its best to sponsor worldwide events which gain a lot of global attention such as the Olympic Games in which they have been corporate sponsors of the events on several different occasions. This familiarizes the entire world with the brand.
Additionally, as chain restaurants such as McDonald’s has grown and become a global fast food chain, the company serves Coca-Cola beverages in their soda machines. This means that for anyone who orders a fountain drink at any location around the world, McDonald’s is under contract to serve Coca-Cola drinks. If one were to travel abroad, they might be interested to find that the formula of Coca-Cola is different in various different locations. ...
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