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Consumer behavior Name Institution Date Introduction Though alike, consumers are unique in themselves; they have desires and wants which are different from one another, and they have different spending patterns and use manners. The marketer assists to satisfy these desires and wants through products and services offering.


A broad yet thorough understanding of consumers and their consumption patterns are crucial for an organization to thrive in the environment. Consumer behavior is an interaction of various factors that affect the process of consumption, within the buyer’s themselves and in the world that they hail from. Schiffman and Kanuk, 2007 establish consumer behavior as that behavior that consumers present when searching for, purchasing, evaluating and disposing of products which they think will satisfy their needs (p3). Consumer behavior may differ from one consumer to another, from one moment to another and from one environment to another. Consumer behavior describes the motives and judgment that lie behind purchasing decisions and the patterns through which purchasing is . In addition, it clearly explains the way that consumers undertake before making buying decisions. In this case, the product of choice is the Huawei Ideos mobile phone, and analysis will be using the Indifference Curve Theory a. This theory was developed by Alfred Marshall, and it describes how consumers spend their income on individual products so as to achieve the greatest satisfaction level. However, this analysis is will not be limited to the indifference curve concept. ...
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