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Name: Subject: Marketing, Essay Topic: Marketing Myopia Date: Marketing Myopia Marketing myopia is an article written by Theodore Levitt who was a marketing professor at Harvard and has also published other articles on this subject. In order to clearly understand the approach used by this author, we need to understand what the term marketing myopia actually is.


Therefore, an efficient marketer would carefully plan and adopt strategies which are customer oriented and would try to build profitable customers relationships. In this article, the author says that marketers today focus on production and selling rather than adopting customer oriented strategies. He urges marketers to concentrate on their industries and plan their activities strategically in order to remain competitive. He also tries to motivate the marketers to study the needs of the customers to make profitable customer relationships. The main focus of this article is on providing customer value and following a customer oriented approach. The article revolves around the customer oriented approach as presented 52 years ago but can still be applied to the modern world approaches these days. In this article, the author portrays that a lot of businesses in many industries have been declining or going through the declining stage, not because of saturation of the market but because of the shortcomings of the management. The main setback is the inability of managers to concentrate on customers and find current customer needs. ...
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