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The products of the company being high on quality as well as innovative features are highly demanded by consumers of all age and sex.


The consumers of Apple all over the world are highly gadget friendly in nature and they loves to explore the latest innovative features, that are provided by Apple products, even if that means availing the product at a high price. Answer 2 In the first case the company is required to develop or enhance its communication strategy with the consumers. Strategies to develop marketing communication happen to alter from company to company depending on differences in marketing and budget objectives. Different tools related to enhanced marketing communications related to advertising, conducting public relations campaigning, marketing through internet medium and also in rendering sales promotions in the form of discounts and rebates as displayed under would contribute in attracting and sustaining the consumers (Belch and Belch, 2003, p.16). Figure 1 (Belch and Belch, 2003, p.16) The second theoretical model relates to the mode of enhancement of relationships with the consumer force. Building of effective relationship with the consumers through addressing queries both before and after sales and rendering proper services happens to enhance the psychological and emotional involvement of the consumer to the brand. ...
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