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In many cases, the use of technology has led to multiple and unexpected outcomes. However, it is worthwhile to recognize that technology is entrenched in a multifaceted set of procedures, people, the environment, and other technologies.


54). Impacts of telegraph
Telegraph has had various impacts in the socio-technical systems. As an information system tool, telegraphy has ensured that information relay flows in a smooth manner besides being unadorned and lean. Telegraph has enhanced commerce in business organization, governments, and the military departments. The socio-technical systems of telegraphy also encouraged critical analysis of the market situations for many business organizations globally. Facebook is a socio-technical system developed in 2004. Facebook drives democracies in various territorial boundaries. The emergence of Facebook as a socio-technical system has increased business management owing to the advancements and improvements in the way consumers behave digitally. The socio technical systems of Facebook manifest the processes through which organizations grow rapidly in engulfing the operations of that business enterprise (Willmott, 1995, p. 7). The management of information system requires an organization to relay the social networking system that encompasses the wider initiatives of economic, institutional, and technological aspects. It is based on the understanding that an organization ought to have sufficient knowledge on the operations of the socio-technical systems for successful management of information systems. The introduction of the social networking sites has improved business management processes. ...
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