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Complete standardisation in International Marketing strategy is an impossible goal to achieve, and pursuing it will inevitably d - Essay Example

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STANDARDIZATION OF INTERNATIONAL MARKET By Institution Date Standardization of International Market Standardization of international markets usually involves the establishment of certain conditions that guide the operations and standards of a company…

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Complete standardisation in International Marketing strategy is an impossible goal to achieve, and pursuing it will inevitably d

Market conditions in one country may be very different from the conditions in another country. Policies, laws, culture, and other regulations, which determine the nature of the business environment, may cause the difference. The laws of operations from one company to another are usually different. Standards are usually derived from a certain cultural environment. They encompass some values that are necessarily designed to serve the interests of particular market situations. As such, their applications are suited to respond to certain needs and situations as dictated by the range of possibilities within a cultural milieu. Many companies regulate their operations in ways that respond to the kind of markets and situations. This regulation is aimed towards the actualization of certain conditions that apply within the specifics of the market. According to analysts, the variation of markets is shown in a range of factors that distinguish between one market and another (Parker, 2005, p. 51). For instance, the levels of income, the nature of infrastructural development, the regulatory policies, and laws may apply differently from one region to another. This implies that the application of certain standards within the different regions would have significantly varied impacts. ...
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