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Name Professor Course Date Thomas Pink Company’s Communication Strategy in the UK Abstract Thomas Pink is a retail organization that offers a wider range of clothes for all the demographic (Thomas Pink, 2012). The company operates retail outlets in principal cities and towns across the world and Europe.


There is the need to highlight the communication measure applied to maintain the market share witnessed over the century and ensure a customer retention and satisfaction as compared to competitors. With variable communication channels developed in the society, including the social networking system, the presentation to deliver an informed clientele would ensure Thomas Pink remains favourable in the UK market. This paper analyzes the fundamental communication channels that have been developed by Thomas Pink to retain and find new customers, who are more informed on their products. Introduction The UK market is growing increasingly in favour of new commodities. The favour has been subjected on the marketers’ ability to apply a communication measure that would adopt the best strategy to communicate to the majority of the clients. The uses of traditional methods have been replaced by the growing technologically advanced systems. The increasing UK market has adopted communication means like the social networking systems that are incorporated in the completion of daily activities. Thomas Pink has been one company that has showed their ability to favour progress as they apply modernized operation trends, to maintain a high quality service. ...
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