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Marketing Proposal for a Product Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 1.Executive Summary 3 2.Company Description 3 3. Environmental Analysis 4 4. SWOT Analysis 7 5. Marketing objectives 8 6. Marketing Strategy 8 Target Markets 9 Marketing Mix 9 7. Implementation Plan 11 8.


The company can target especially the women and geographic markets for the product. In order to market the product, the company would have to devise certain effective implementation plans that include conducting surveys, meetings and analyzing the products of the competitors. The aforementioned strategies and the plans would ultimately support the company to effectively market the product of Special K. 2. Company Description The Kellogg Company which is prominently acknowledged as Kellogg’s or Kellogg is regarded as a multinational company that manufactures various food products such as vegetarian foods, crackers, cereal along with convenience foods and snacks among others. The official headquarter of the company is positioned in Michigan, United States. The different products of Kellogg’s are produced in 18 countries and promoted in excess of 180 nations. Kellogg’s started its production as Kellogg’s Corn Flakes in the year 1906 and significantly developed a product line of well-known readymade cereals over the years that comprise Kellogg’s All –Bran, Complete Bran Flakes and Rice Krispies among others. It has been apparently observed that Kellogg’s arrived into the business of health food that manufactures significant number of products which are sold in different markets. ...
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