Kids and Cell Phones

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Kids and Cell Phones Name Institutional Affiliation Kids and Cell Phones Brief Scenario The case scenario identified a thirteen year old daughter returning from school and alleging that she has no friends due to the fact that she does not own a cellphone. Taking the situation from the marketing perspective, it was disclosed that there are apparently four players in the scenario, to wit: (1) a decision maker; (2) a beneficiary; (3) a facilitator; and (4) an accommodator.


The parent would ultimately be the final decision maker; but since the grandpa indicated that he would buy one for the granddaughter, it would be considered that as the proposed buyer, a say in the decision-making process was pledged. As the decision maker, one identifies from a marketing point of view that the product which is the subject of discussion is a cellphone, the most demanded technological gadget in contemporary times. Decision making skills include “(1) identifying the possible options; (2) identifying the possible consequences that follow from each option; (3) evaluating the desirability of each of the consequences;( 4) assessing the likelihood of each consequence; and 5) making a choice using a "decision rule" (Furby & Beyth-Marom, 1992; cited in Scott, n.d., par. 2 ). The decision question is whether to buy a cellphone or not for the thirteen year old girl. ...
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