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Kids And Cell Phones

Evaluating the scenario from her point of view, the following repercussions are to be expected:
(1) The cell phone is not bought:
Pros: The beneficiary sees no advantage if the cell phone is not purchased since she would continue to be an outcast.
Cons: She would continue to feel bad as an outcast and could potentially affect her academic performance in terms of low morale.
(2) Purchase the cell phone
Pros: She would be extremely happy; she would be considered ‘in’ and not an outcast and could actually improve her academic performance for being grateful that the cell phone was purchased for her.
Cons: She might spend too much time using her cell phone that her grades might be jeopardized.
The third player is the facilitator. A marketing facilitator is defined as “someone who helps out in a …transaction but owes no responsibilities to the buyer, the seller, the lender, or the borrower” (Facilitator, 2012, p. 1). In this particular scenario, a facilitator is the external provider of cell phones. The objective of the facilitator, as the term suggests, is to facilitate the purchase transaction and to generate profits. As such, from a marketing perspective, it would be to the best interest of the facilitator to recommend that a cell phone is purchased for the 13-year old child.
Finally, the accommodator, just like the facilitator, is an external party (Accommodator, n.d.) but could accommodate the request of the child, which was to have unlimited text messaging. ...
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The paper "Kids And Cell Phones" focuses on the question of buying a cell phone to teens. It was disclosed that there are four players in this situation: a decision maker, a beneficiary, a facilitator, and an accommodator, so the paper analyzes this problem from the marketing perspective…
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