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Individual Target Market Paper Name Institution Individual Target Market Paper HULU is a company operating majorly as a website and all its provisions are found on the site. HULU provides services such as video streaming, movies’ trailers, Television shows, new media and behind the scene footages (TNW, 2012).


Basing on the consumers’ essence in the distribution of the producers or the suppliers, there is need to evaluate various aspects of the customers in the market. A company should uphold excellent delivery of its products or services to the consumers in the market. Nonetheless, effective marketing would only result after a comprehensive product or service identification. Therefore, this exercise intends to research on the current customer base, buyer behavior, demographics, psychographics, lifestyle, geographic area, benefit segmentation, and user segmentation for the product or service. In every case, there will be identification of the best mechanisms to be employed as well as the provision of preferences for the models (Parkin, 2009). The current customer base incorporates the number of consumers that the business delivers its products or services. The current customer base is essential for consideration in the business because it is the group of individuals utilizing the company’s products and the services or both at the moment. Nonetheless, many businesses tend to neglect this business opportunity and prefer seeking new customers’ interests to deal in their products (Rogers, 2010). Their main purpose is to create extra profits through the venture. ...
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