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Marketing Name: Institution: Date of submission: Table of contents I. Introduction Ii. Elements of marketing concepts Iii. Characteristics of marketing oriented organization Iv. Benefits and cost of selected marketing organization V. Macro and micro environmental factors Vi.


Marketing also includes system of management that identifies, anticipates and supplies customers’ requirements efficiently and profitably. Marketing objectives rotates around meeting the needs and wants of customers. It is an organization broad activity that involves a process of keenly analyzing customers’ needs, and getting ways to provide goods and services to meet those needs. Effective marketing does not only provide customers with products and services, but also successfully provides changing benefits to the changing needs and demands to various consumers (Stahlberg, 2009). Elements of Marketing Concepts Marketing concepts introduces new requirements to the product development process. An organization that uses marketing idea to improve it products starts with market research. It tries to look for consumers wants that has not been met in the market. It also link with consumers, to investigate the type of products they would like to be supplied with. This helps the organization to know what customer wants even before moving to the next step of creating new products. For a company to fully incorporate marketing concepts in its operation, it has to fully observe every element that is involved in marketing concepts. These elements are; ethics, consumer psychology and marketing mix. I. ...
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