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Marketing Plan and Questionnaire

Political aspect • Stability in the political environment within the United Kingdom America. • Democracy been practiced in the political processes. • Cordial relationship across the globe. • Political regime has created a conducive environment for business people through political goodwill. Economic aspect • The GDP of the United Kingdom has improved from 1.7% in 2013 to 2.6% in 2014. • The inflation rate in the United Kingdom is relatively low. currently at 1.8% • Formation of trade blocs such as EU. • The unemployment rate in UK has dropped to 5.5% while the wage rise by 2%. • Per capita income of the United Kingdom has increased from $41,776.80 in 2013 to $45,603.30 in 2014 Social aspect • The population in the United Kingdom and the globe is increasing. • There are different age groups in the UK who demand different products. • There are different social-classes i.e. Upper class, middle-class, and lower class. History aspect • Nightwear have been worn in the UK for a long time ever since 1880s. Technological aspect • Designing of nightwear should satisfy the clients • Production processes involved should be efficient has technology evolves. • Enhancement in the Platform for conducting business e.g. online marketing. • Transfer and adoptability of technology in apparel industry. • Cost versus benefit of a given technology need to be analyzed. Environment aspect ...
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Sleep Pill will expands its operations thus intensifying the rivalry with Wildfox and Victoria Secret.
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