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Global Marketing Plan Your Name Institute Name Abstract Being a strategic marketing manager, I am supposed to present in front of the advisory board of my company to discuss on various issues related to the expansion of our business in various locations. The owners of the company showed a great level of trust on me and I would definitely like to meet all their expectations in a well-organized manner.


How my decisions support the overall goal of growth and expansion? And last but not the least that How would I convince someone with the opposing perspective? In the end I would present my own views to support my decision and findings so far. Global Marketing Plan As I am supposed to present my thoughts regarding the globalization issue for the company, so in my views we should definitely move for globalization of our company. Since, our company has a wide range of clientele in Phoenix and Boston. People already know us here and our company is one of the most renowned furniture selling companies in town. Therefore, we would definitely have to take the opportunity like other companies and try to build the same repute in other locations as well. Moreover, I think we can do much better in other areas of the world as well. Therefore, in my point of view, it is the right time when we should expand our business internationally as well. Main reason behind this decision is to increase the market share of our company. Moreover, if we expand our business in various regions across the globe then it will increase our sales and revenue as well. It will help our company to make its name in more locations, thus creating diversified customer range as well. ...
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