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QUALITATIVE RESEARCH ON KIT KAT INTRODUCTION Success of business overall or an individual product is dependent on large number of factors with marketing aspect being one of them. In itself marketing is also a broad domain and requires adherence to every aspect in detail for the acceptance, success as well as exploring future prospects for the business.


The researcher aims to develop primary research and gain first hand information from the customers for the launch of Kit Kat chocolate slab. Hence, employed in this research are two techniques of primary research to update perception of Kit Kat among chocolate eaters. Findings of the primary data have been presented. In addition the researcher has discussed in detail the various aspects of the research techniques employed. Researcher has also shed light on other techniques (that have not been employed due to resource constraint) identifying aspects that could have been explored based on employment of other techniques. Research Method 1- PRIMARY RESEACH Among two broad categorization of research is primary and secondary research. Primary research refers to research methodology with analysis and fact finding from data that has been collected for the first time and has not been through application of any techniques before (Glass, 1976). Among many techniques designed for primary research, two that have employed in this research are individual interview and focus group interviews. Both techniques have been employed face to face. Interview method of data collection refers to oral and verbal response to oral and verbal queries. ...
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