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Qatar Cinema and Film Distribution Company Name Institution Qatar Cinema and Film Distribution Company Company Overview Qatar Cinema and film Distribution Company was founded in 1970. Its paid up capital are QAR 57, 098,140 with a par value per share of QAR 10.00 and an outstanding share of ('000): 5,710.


In the year ending 2011, the company realized an increase in revenue through improved sales as compared to 2010 (Kotler, 2009). Its sales improved from QAR 16.28 million of the previous year to 17.30 million Qatari Riyals, though remained a little lower than the QAR 17.33 million of the 2009 (Ehrhardt and Brigham, 2009). Several factors; both micro and macroeconomic factors might have led to this. Macroeconomic Variables Macro-economic variables are the environmental factors that affect the production and income of a business entity. They include variables as inflation, unemployment income, global financial conditions, and industrial production among other factors (Sale, 2006). One of the most notable macroeconomic variables that have continued to influence the company is the global financial conditions (Ehrhardt and Brigham, 2009). During the period of 2008, the company recorded poor sales due to the global financial recession that rocked the whole of the world markets. The company was not able to import and distribute (Bricault, Hodgson, and Gulczynska, 1978) products at affordable cost and cost effective. A number of the companies that it was associated with decreased their production capacity in order to respond to the capital market conditions. ...
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