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Gulf International Services (GIS) Company Name Subject Institution Gulf International Services (GIS) Company Overview On February 12, 2008, the Gulf international Services Company was incorporated as a Qatar shareholding company by Qatar Petroleum; although, it was earlier owned totally by the government (Clark, 2002).


Company Analysis The Company’s 2011 consolidated –Audited Financial statement indicated a decrease in total net operational revenues by 1.12% compared to the previous year’s financial records. This was a decrease of up to QAR 1, 469, 488 from QAR 1, 486,087 thousand. The 2011 net operational revenues results further decreased to QAR 282,907 thousand by the end of the year as opposed to 2010 QAR 493, 166 thousand. Total equity or net income also decreased to 12.1% from 19.58%, total assets or return on asset decreased from 10.40% to 6.14%. As a result, the net profit margin (net sales or net income) went down to 19.25% as compared to 2010 29.55%. Total liabilities increased from 88.18% to 95.53% within the two periods while the current rat0io of assets and liabilities was 1.48 from 1.58. From this result, it is apparent that a number of both micro and macroeconomic variable factors have been in play (Clark, 2002). Macroeconomic Variables of the GIS Some of the macroeconomic variables that the company has to deal with include among others, interest rates, the rate of inflation, and industrial production. These variables have the potential of influencing either on the positive or negative direction, the stock return of the company. ...
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