(ALDO, CLARKS) shoes company, Evaluates the retailers' retail strategy in the light of its competitive environment

(ALDO, CLARKS) shoes  company,  Evaluates the retailers
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(ALDO, CLARKS) shoes company, Evaluates the retailers’ retail strategy in the light of its competitive environment The ALDO shoes was established by Aldo Bensadoun in 1972 as a footwear line as a part of a clothing series in Montreal. The original company comprised four leased concessions.


In 1993 ALDO entered the US market and in the next year it ventured out of North America. Israel was the first country outside North America where ALDO started its business under a franchisee agreement. It set ALDO’s international business model. By 2011 the company has opened more than 1000 stores operating in sixty-five countries across the globe. There are also 160 ALDO Accessories stores operating in nineteen countries. The Clarks was established as a result of an inspirational idea by James Clark. The company was founded by the joint effort of the brothers, Cyrus and James Clark in 1825 in Somerset village in United Kingdom. The start was made with “their sheepskin slipper, named the ‘Brown Petersburg’” (Clarks, 2012) which was highly successful. In 1842 the monthly sales averaged at one thousand pairs a month. Initially the entire production was prepared by hand and by the Clark brothers only. With rise in demand, workers from outside were hired. In 1851 the Clark brothers were awarded “at the Great Exhibition” (Clarks, 2012) where the achievements of the British industry were showcased. In 1863 the factory system was established and thirty years later, in 1883, the first shoe was designed that fitted the actual shape of the foot. This remains as the bedrock of reputation of this company. In 1990, the factory location was changed from UK to Portugal following changes in trade patterns in the world. ...
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