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Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert Tutor’s Name Submission Date Marketing plan for Camp Wahanowin I. Executive Summary This is a proposed marketing plan for camp Wahanowin for the upcoming promotional year. The organization has been operational since 1955 and has grown to become a market leader in camping of children during the summer breaks.


The proposed marketing strategy has been that of a hybrid approach that combines increased online presence, package pricing and internationalization to ensure that the company meets a target of about 30% increase in the number of campers within one year. II.   Camp Wahanowin Camp Wahanowin established in 1955 was originally a junior camp targeting children of age six to eleven. It has since expanded its target market with campers up to age sixteen brought on board (Silverberg 12). Located in Ontario in the nation of Canada, the camp offers vocational camping for children mostly during summer that is the period between July and August of every year. Apart from expanding its market, the establishment’s assets and physical infrastructure has been equally growing. In recognition of the many achievements of the organization, the Ontario Camping Association (OCA) has accredited it as a member. The organization mainly offers residential summer camping experience for children at a location away from the noise and polluted environment of the cities. Parents with above average incomes are the main target of the organization. With the emergence of premium pricing establishments, the owners are at crossroads on the best method of promotion and pricing to adopt for the coming year. ...
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