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Summary, findings and opinions on the reading

Each website an internet user visit during his or her browsing session usually facilitate to the achievement of some objectives that are beyond mere identification of independent visitors to the site (White and Kamal, 2012).This similarity amongst all websites makes it easy for any person to note their relations to each other. When different website are complementary like search engine and content website, then internet users willingness to visit the combination of these sites depend on the rate of advertisement of each site (White and Kamal, 2012).This means that the number of visitors each site get per a specified period depends on its advertisement policy and frequency. So each website should keenly develop its advertisement strategies in an effective manner to ensure it attract higher number of visitors. In scenarios where complementary sites act independently, then their total distraction from their advertising becomes too high thus discouraging many internet users from visiting these sites. This makes it hard for these sites to maximize their total profits from advertisements. ...
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Name: Instructor name: Subject: Internet users usually have access to numerous website free of charge. This makes them shift from one site to another. Though these numerous websites are cost free for any internet user, in the real sense they distract the concentration and attention of internet user as they try to advertise products of their different customer (White and Kamal, 2012).This call for attention from internet user serves as the price charged by these sites…
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