Marketing principles and applications

Marketing principles and applications Essay example
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Company G – Marketing Plan Company G – Marketing Plan A.  Product Support of Mission Statement 1.  Explain how the small appliance you have selected supports Company G’s mission statement provided in the introduction. The small appliance chosen is a coffee maker.


In fact, a consumer can use the appliance even without reading the instructions leaflet. In opposition with other appliances of the same characteristics the particular coffee maker offers to the consumer the impression of being involved in a unique experience: a series of color icons, showing cups of coffee of different size, helps the user to decide the type of coffee preferred. Then, icons showing spoons full of sugar and coffee help the user to decide on the amount of coffee and sugar that should be used for the type of coffee chosen. Finally, an icon with cup of milk is used for showing to the user his potential to choose a cup of coffee with milk. Particular emphasis has been also given to the components of the appliance. High quality materials have been used ensuring that the flavor of the coffee is strong. In the context of the issues discussed above, the appliance chosen fully supports the firm’s mission statement, which focuses on quality, convenience and innovation, as described in the introduction section. 2.  Classify Company G’s products using the three-way consumer product classification system. The three-way Consumer Product Classification system is based on the following rule: products can be classified in three categories according to specific characteristics. ...
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