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Most of the competitors in the food industry use television. The use of magazines also proves to be frequented media of advertising. Some countries provide the compliance policy for the advertisements on offer.


The media awareness network provides a significant level of policies adapted by food advertising industries. Amount of waste; Define as closely as possible the characteristics of your audience you want your advertising to reach, as well as your geographic area you plan to cover The advertisement is aimed at children, in Savannah, GA. The advertisement targeted at children usually includes advertisement containing fun messages, movies that kids love watching, meal promotions designed to suit kids and licensed characters. Kids’ advertisements on the internet involve the use of advergames and virtual features. When advertising for the kids; branding remains outstanding disregarding the foods on the market. The moment the food comes in play, the advertisers display the healthy foods option. McDonald’s foods stuffs like the burger king, Subway, and Diary queen are designed for the kids’ likings. The restaurant prefers the use of television and the internet to advertise the foods available. The use of television for the kids is preferable as the children spend considerable time watching television. The internet use also appears relevant as the McDonalds children segment sites for advertisement are visited on a daily basis. ...
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