Innovation and Leadership.

Innovation and Leadership. Essay example
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Innovation is inevitable in the corporate world today (Howells 2005, p.1-7; Senior & Fleming 2006, p.1-12). The dynamic and uncertain environment that it operates in has challenged it to adopt innovation as a necessity.


They are faced with the issue of understanding the dynamics of innovation and exactly the drivers of the whole aspect. The question is not whether to innovate or not. Rather, they ask how they can successfully innovate. The most general definition of innovation is introduction of something new into any one given field (Zaccaro 2001, p.1-5). However, this is only a general definition of the aspect. Many people, depending on the field of operation understand innovation differently. The difference comes in when one is considering the change that will be introduced and the expected results. In the production field, innovation means introduction of a new product in the market. In the same line, it could also mean technological innovation to venture into a new the market. To another field, faster means of operation would dominate the definition of innovation. Despite varied means of defining innovation, there are three key terms that are never wanting in these definitions (Birnbaum 2004, p.345-370). These include the word new, movement from one state to another, and finally the translation of the idea in the organization. Innovation is about shifting from the old and ushering in something new. The success of the whole process is when the idea is translated into a good or service. ...
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