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Consumer Behaviour A Research Proposal on the Customer Perception towards Electric Bikes in the UK Markets Introduction Marketing Marketing is defined as the process or the activity of creating, informing, delivering and transferring of goods or services that create value to individuals in the society (Gundlach, 2007).


Electric Bike An electric bike or a scooter is an enhanced form of conventional bike that is operated by a battery. According to Graham and McGowan, (2008), electric bikes were first developed in Switzerland in 1980. These bikes use rechargeable batteries with the capability of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. They use direct drive or geared motor units. Electric motorized bicycles vary in cost and complexity. The key consideration associated with the acquiring of electric bikes is the range. This range is affected by factors such as battery capacity, motor efficiency, aerodynamics, weight of the bike and the rider (Lamy, 2001). Advantages of the Electric Bikes Jamerson and Benjamin (2009) assert that electric bikes are associated with numerous benefits as compared to conventional bikes or motors vehicles. They are effective for mountain climbing compared to conventional bikes because less energy and effort is required when riding them. Electric bikes are safer to use on rugged terrains or steep road junctions compared to cars. The running cost of electric bikes is lower compared to that of cars. Frequent use of the electric bikes enhances physical fitness. ...
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