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Ground Chocolate & Co. Marketing Plan

The paper describes the main strategies of "Ground Chocolate & Co." GROUND Chocolate & Company considers diverse promotional channels that would foresee the marketing and promotional efforts outreach the maximum number of individual from the market segments. Since the company practices premium pricing, most of the people from the target market are aged between 20-40 and mainly middle class educated individuals with knowledge on the global health concerns. Both vegans and diabetics, who make a crucial market segment, can safely consume our products. Therefore, they are considered in our promotional strategy.
Various quality chocolates we produce require different raw products and expertise. Due to this aspect, it is only relevant and fair to price differently in order to meet the incurred costs of production. Our profit margins are fair. Therefore, our consumers receive fair prices according to their tastes and preferences. All our products are of high quality. Prices vary from the purest grounded chocolate to the raw bars. Our fair prices are exhibited on the wraps to enable our consumers make choices appropriately and according to their preferences. In any case, the cost incurred will surely worth the taste of our quality chocolate bars. Be ready for a completely new chocolate experience with GROUND Chocolate & Company products. We have the most flexible and considerate pricing plan that is concerned with the equity needs of our target markets. Given the high quality of our products, we do not price cheaply, but affordable. ...
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This paper is about the firm "Ground Chocolate & Co." It gives also the analysis of competitive positioning. Our chocolates are unique as compared to other providers in the market. We provide naturally made chocolates that are sun-dried, than other companies, that heat dry their products…
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