Case Study in B2B Marketing

Case Study in B2B Marketing Essay example
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The soaring degree of intensity in terms of competition is observed to be compelling various companies to revise their existing marketing strategies along with formulating innovative ones.


The company TCL has been stated to be quite established which provides its clients with a complete assortment of services related to marketing and advertising. The services entail advertising, website development, online marketing, direct marketing as well as public relations. The client list of the company consists of an extensive variety of companies ranging from furniture retailers, garden centres, local parks with theme and universities. The company is believed to have created a superior reputation for itself in terms of offering a dependable, consistent, proficient and gracious service. It is known to be engaged with the B2B marketing and thus the bulk of its respective business is believed to be attained with the help of reference selling or rather word-of-mouth suggestion. This advertising as well as marketing company has witnessed tough times in its business owing to the economic downturn which is making the company to entail certain required alterations in its marketing plans for the reason of ensuring its survival in this environment.
The marketing mix of the company TCL calls for the requirement of few alterations in order to meet up to the marketing aims ascertained by the company. The effectual and the competent formulation of a fresh or transformed marketing mix would need a lucid comprehension of the present marketing objectives or aims of the company. The company has been made to witness few challenges in terms of its existing business owing the recent economic downturn.

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