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Relationship marketing has become a critical part of business marketing for the last two decades. Comprehensive definition of relationship marketing refers to exploiting long term positive impact on the business with optimum utilisation of resources.


Apart from trust and commitment that are given focal importance in relationship marketing, there are other factors such as communication, loyalty and satisfaction that play key role in relationship marketing. Moreover, each factor lends support to other factor finally leading to success of relationship marketing. Therefore, based on the stated role of these factors relationship marketing literature asserted due importance; hence, guiding marketers to address in large to gain the successful relationship marketing (Østergaard & Fitchett, 2012).
Variables of relationship marketing if employed in correct plan can lead business entitled to winning awards (Corsaro & Snehota, 2010). The notion provide accurate for defining the status of Singapore Airlines that has frequently managed to win the quality service awards. Singapore Airlines with consistency applied the relation marketing mechanism across board and developed bonding with customers as well as employees. Singapore Airlines won the trust, loyalty, commitment and satisfaction of customers as well as employees by oral and actions communicating bottom line of its business vision of delivering high-quality service.
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