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Essay example - Telephone interview for the London Borough of Newtown2

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Telephone interview for the London Borough of  Newtown2 Essay example
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Telephone Interview for the London Borough of Newtown [Instructor Name] Telephone Interview for the London Borough of Newtown Introduction This paper will provide a summarize data and findings of comprehended interviews conducted by the local estate authority from the local residents…

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Both qualitative and quantitative data are summarized in this report, to give a clear understanding of people’s responses obtained. 1. Confirming Caretaking Services The first question in the interview was the base to rest of the questions as it caters people’s direct responses about caretaking services being offered. The interview was not carried out further if the respondent answered No to the question to confirm that their estate provides caretaking services. On this question to confirm estate services of caretaking, a greater number of people responded positively, saying that their estate local authority does offer caretaking services to its residents. From the 400 interviews being taken, 266 responded in positive while the rest 134 said that the local authority does not provide such services. This data leads to the finding that there are around 33% of people who carry the impression of the local authority, being non- active in their estate cleaning and caretaking services (Venter & Waldt, 2007). 2. Responses in Cleaning services For residents who responded ‘Yes’ to the first question, the interview was proceed further to ask them about their opinion on the quality of services being offered. This question addresses the cleaning services in the estate and which are the areas in which needs to be worked on by the local authority. ...
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