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"In appraising the international marketing environment, the economic environment of a country is the most important consideratio Essay example
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In appraising the international marketing environment, the economic environment of a country is the most important consideration for an enterprise. Discuss. Name Course Tutor’s Name 7th, January 2013 The international markets today keep fluctuating from time to time, in addition to the stiff competition that is experienced in these markets…


This is evident as several companies across the world have international brands; these include Coca Cola Company, Microsoft, among others (Cavusgil, Ghauri & Agarwal, 2002). However, international marketing is faced with a variety of challenges as it is requires great strategies to achieve compatibility between different countries. This is in terms of the different needs of people in the different countries, as well as their regional differences (“Experts Column,” 2009). In appraising the international marketing environment, marketers should consider a variety of factors, including economic, cultural, legal, and political factors; however, culture is the most important factor, which needs special consideration for effective international marketing. In order to implement effective strategies in international marketing, cultures of the involved countries must be put in consideration. Since different countries have different cultures, the marketing strategies in all the involved countries cannot be similar, as different countries will have varying preferences, which are dependent on their cultures (“Experts Column,” 2009). For instance, the health and fitness companies today cannot get equal grounds in all their international marketing. ...
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