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Strategic Marketing: Pure Blonde Premium Beer Case Study Discussion Question 1: Fosters Group’s premium beer brand, Pure Blonde, became a cultural icon in Australia because the product has been introduced at a time when they recognized the socio-economic shifts in the nation’s preferences and modulated the quality of the drink to match the prospective consumers’ needs.


However, at this stage, other brands, especially those from overseas countries, are in a comfortable position in the market, thereby, posing a challenge to them. Thus, it appears that the time is ripe for the company to transform its product to meet the needs of the market. Obesity is a central focus for countries across the globe as a major public health concern in the present day and, therefore, shifting their market orientation to low-carbohydrate from premium is likely to benefit Fosters to a great extent in attaining higher market share for their product. Earlier when they marketed Pure Blonde, Fosters have focused on the premium quality of the product because the need of the hour has been answering the quest of a specific segment of consumers that have suddenly attained economic prosperity. What this segment has craved at that time has been a product that meets their distinct identity as a class of its own. Fosters have quickly recognized and responded to this expectation. However, at this stage, when other brands are commanding a better position with the premium concept, Pure Blonde needs to attract more customers by projecting their advantage as a low-carbohydrate product. ...
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