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MARKET RESEARCH AND BUSINESS PLAN INTRODUCTION Success in business rests with business capacity to develop innovation and take lead in launching the product that is still in thought process of competitors. Innovation has been the defining characteristic of Apple Inc.


The innovative series of laptop will constitute D-Roll innovative version of laptop for details see Figure 1 Therefore underlying report is proposal developed in following sections: 1. Section I- Market assessment for the product 2. Section II- Product plan 3. Section III- Future Planning 4. Section IV- Limitations 5. Section V- Conclusion SECTION I- MARKET ASSESSMENT FOR THE PRODUCT To date, market has not made its way to launch of proposed model as it is innovation suggested. Personal computer category industry at yahoo finance categorises only Apple Inc and Dell. On contrary to this, companies categorised within other categories are competing with Apple on products such as Samsung, Galaxy etc. The underlying report accounts the performance of tablets of Apple Inc. and its immediate rivals going head to head in competition as current market revolves around it. Assessing market trend and performance with the latest tablet invasion is also very difficult as large number of companies have landed in with their versions. Tablets are differentiable on the basis of brand, size, features, storage size, text formats, interface etc (PC World, 2013). There are almost more than 35 brands of tablets present in the market; within three sizes; five types of operating systems; six features variation parameters and four storage sizes (Cnet, 2013a). ...
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