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Company Analysis: Green Estate Name Course Instructor Date Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Remit 3 Introduction 3 Method 3 Findings/Results 4 Green Estate Background 4 Green Estate Mission 4 Green Estate PESTEL 5 Green Estate SWOT 7 Green Estate Competitors 8 Conclusions 9 Recommendations 9 References 11 Executive Summary The following is a company analysis of Green Estate Ltd.


The remit provides background of the company under study. Introduction section, which follows the remit, provides an overview of the whole paper in addition to defining some aspects of the analysis. Methodology section on the other hand indicates how collection of data was achieved and where it (data) was obtained from. The main source of data for analyzing Green Estate as used in this paper is the firm’s website. From Green Estate’s website, it was possible to obtain data on environmental factors affecting internal and external operations of the firm hence development of the PESTLE and SWOT. Within the findings/results, the paper attempts to critically review Green Estate’s background, mission statements, PESTEL, SWOT, competitors, and substitutes that are affecting operations of the firm. A conclusion, giving a brief summary of the main points, forms part of the paper. Lastly, the paper has recommendations, which mainly revolve around taking advantage of their strengths to overcome weaknesses and through opportunities, overcome the threats. ...
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