Positioning of Armani Hotel (Dubai)

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Positioning of Armani Hotel (Dubai) Contents Introduction 3 Market segments 3 Demographic variables 3 Geographic variables 3 Psychographic variables 4 Behavioural variables 4 Target Market 4 Positioning Maps 5 Positioning Strategy 7 Reference 9 Introduction The hospitality industry has grown over the years and is one of the most important sectors.


It is preferred for both business purposes or leisure and holidays by individuals. Market segments Demographic variables According to data from the statistic centre in Dubai, the total population of Dubai amounted to 2,003,170 - out of which 1,536,380 were men and 466,790 were women. Dubai’s population has reached above 2 million with men accounting for more than three quarters of the total population. The age group of 30 to 34 years has the highest number, being 392,806, followed by 25 to 29 years, being 391125, and the smallest number exists in the age group of 70 to 74 years (Badam, 2012). Geographic variables Geographically, Dubai is one of the most attractive countries and it is a strategic geographical location alongside southern approaches and it is a vital point for crude oil. Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations, making it feasible for hotel industries to set up hotels in Dubai. Psychographic variables Dubai has various kinds of luxurious hotels and Armani hotel is among one of them. It can be indicated that Dubai maintains a high quality of lifestyle and high standard of living. ...
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