analyses and evaluate the micro-external environment of (two) international markets

analyses and evaluate the micro-external environment of  (two) international markets Essay example
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Micro-External Environment Bedroom furniture comprises various sub-products such as non-fitted bedroom furniture and fitted bedroom furniture. As reported by Mintel Oxygen (2012), each of the sub-products in the bedroom furniture segment is targeted for an individual customer group.


According to Mintel Oxygen (2012), fitted bedroom furniture contributes in large proportion to the total sales revenue earned by the bedroom furniture industry. Fitted bedroom furniture includes built-in wardrobes, built-in drawers, fitted beds etc, and Mintel Oxygen (2012) has also pointed out that fitted bedroom furniture is designed for large bedrooms. USP of fitted bedroom furniture lies on the ability to provide variety in design, systematic fittings and synchronise with large space in the room. Mintel Oxygen (2012) has reported that non-fitted furniture is generally preferred by bachelors and individuals who do not have large space in the room for using fitted bedroom furniture. Non-fitted furniture includes bedside tables, customized chests of drawers, dressing tables, beds etc. A unique selling proposition of non-fitted bedroom furniture depends on its ability to provide a high degree of customization in terms of assembling bedroom furniture to customers. The next section of the study will discuss the market composition of Germany for the bedroom furniture segment. The German bedroom furniture industry is going through a critical phase in terms of shrinkage in demand due to the slow economic growth rate and dwindling purchasing parity of customers. Lynn (2010) has pointed out that sovereign debt crisis has decreased the retail merchandising growth rate in most of the European countries. ...
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