Multinational corporations: Blessing or Damnation

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Multinational Corporations: Blessing or Damnation [Name] [University] Abstract This paper is aimed at analyzing the performance of Wal-Mart from different perspectives including social, economic, political, and technological particularly its overall existence as a blessing or damnation for the communities in which it is operating.


Multinational Corporations: Blessing or Damnation Wal-Mart started its operations in 1962 with its first retail store opened in Rogers, Arkansas. By the fourth quarter of 1970; the company had 276 stores throughout USA in its possession. Between the second and third quarter of 1980, the number of Wal-mart’s stores reached to the peak of 882 which ultimately leaded the company to become the market leader in the retail sector of United States of America. Until then the company had not stepped into the international market and now it was the time to take the major decision. So in 1991, the company started operating in other countries for the very first time. The first foreign country where Wal-Mart opened its initial most out let was Mexico. The company then started to operate in Canada and Brazil through getting hold of Greenfield investment. Later more out lets were opened in Hong Kong, Argentina, etc (Harrison, 2008). ...
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