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'To Tweet or not to Tweet : that is the question'.

As such, the issue at hand is that the product is unknown to the market. This necessitates for massive campaign to make clients aware of the product. Since cereal bar is a new product being introduced into a flooded market, the company requires identifying the specific market niche that will value the new offering adequately to buy it in the long term. Another issue is that the company expects the product to have a 20 percent market share during the first year of its launch. One way to increase market share is through share of preference achieved through pricing, product and promotional changes. The company can also use the share of voice market driver, which entails increasing promotional and advertising expenditures. The company can also use the aspect of distribution to increase market share by ensuring it has an intensive distribution channels (Reidenbach, 2009, p 41) . Betterbrekkie Company can change its marketing mix variables (price, product, promotion and place) so as to cope with the competition. The company can offer its product at relatively lower price than the competitors. The features of the product can be improved from time to time to offer more value to customers. ...
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University: Course: Tutor: Date: Date: 6 February 2013 To: Betterbrekkie manager From: Betterbrekkie marketing manager Re: managing a twitter presence for betterbrekkie breakfast Overview Having reviewed the organization marketing situation, it is clear that the product is brand new among it intended clients…
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