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Name: Instructor name: Subject: Date of submission: Starbucks is an American global public corporation which specializes in production of coffee and other beverages. The business headquarters are in Seattle, Washington, U.S. The company was founded in 1971, by Jerry.


Many of Starbucks products usually depend on the centre and location of the company’s branch. Some of the company’s products like brand ice cream are offered in various groceries and stores all over the world. In my research, I used document analysis as my method of investigation. I reviewed the existing documentation of comparable Starbucks business system in my attempt to extract pieces of information that was important for my research. I used existing document to source my understanding of key functions, business culture, and general Starbuck entity attributes. Starbuck Company mainly uses various communication methods to communicate information that is either negative or positive regarding the inner working of management, finance, and interpersonal dealings. One of the key strength of Starbuck Company is its effective use of interpersonal communication. Whenever the senior managers need cooperation, they use interpersonal communication rather than mass media (Newman, Amy, Ober, and Scot, 2013, pp331). The company directly applies interpersonal communication to sell its ideas to venture capitalist. Here they directly speak their ideas and opinions to interested ventures. After the buyout, the company also uses interpersonal communication to contact its employees and get their ideas. ...
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